Sunday, March 9, 2008

Web Page Design | Off Page Optomisation

The following is the important elements to off page web SEO and you should not just sit up and take notice but actively find the right link partners to create the best web structure. The off page factors include:-

Which Websites Link to you
The number of websites linking to you
The Google page rank of the websites linking to you
The page title of the website linking to you
The anchor text used in the link to you
The number and type of links linking to the website linking to you
The number of outbound links
The total number of links on the website that is linking to you
If the website is deemed and authority website

To understand how this is all done you need to analyze the top ten websites on the net for your keywords and this is not done easily. You need the right tools and to that unfortunately you need to spend money. One of the tools I use is SEO Elite but there are others and you should always not take any body's word that a package is good or bad in this game you need to find out for yourself.

I use it and I have found that it has a great deal of good information and training that comes with it, I can only suggest that you look at the training website and then decide on the investment or not. When you have a package like that it enables you to do a number of interesting things with this tool. The first part is to analyze your competition on the web. Some people out there are very good sites and will not yield there number one spot without a severe amount of effort. You need to understand what degree of competition you are up against.

The main idea is that if you are trying to compete for a very competitive set of keywords you are going to have to put a lot of effort in and therefore you need to balance effort against reward. The competition for some keywords is a much closed area. If however you find that your competition has only around 2000 links in then you can probably consider that site and keywords within range of a good marketer with a good plan and strategy.

You can firstly understand that one of the best ways to outdo your competitor's sites in the top ten is to produce more unique content than them, this is the first thing to consider make or have more pages than them as this is a key factor. With some of the SEO packages on the market it can be possible to find out the keyword density for the main h1 and h2 tags this will give you the edge as you need to make your individual website content have just slightly more keyword density or prominence that your competitors.

Find the number of high ranking websites in that field and try to get them to give you a link write to them. Produce articles on that subject and submit them to high PR websites. Look at all the links that your competitors have and adjust the strategy to enhance your sites standing.
If you are new to this seek out the SEO Elite Training as this is free and gives you the best idea of what is needed to stay at number one for your keyword search terms. I wish you the best of luck with your website design and optimization.

Andy Bolton

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